• About IBA

    The Istanbul Academy of Sciences, IBA (an abbreviation of its Turkish name, İstanbul Bilimler Akademisi), is a non-governmental organization. It focuses on devloping qualified, experienced, young and talented academicians that society needs into the academic community at a professtional level. Our aim is to enhance and repoduce the historical and intellectual knowledge at a scientific level. IBA also seeks to contribute to the academic, scientific and cultural background of our region and the world via social sciences-centered studies.

    Our Aim

    Support for Young Academicians: We aim to provide an environment where young researchers preparing for an academic life can develop themselves, enrich their experience, and build their own unique perspectives.We would like to lay the groundwork, within this scope, for professional and scientific communication and interaction around experts/specialists and their experience/knowledge for young researchers who have started out on the academic career process recently.

    A Common and Intellectual Ground : Providing an opportunity for the academic world to meet within both itself and with the other intellectual world on intellectual common ground, and contributing in this way to eliminating the institutional, intellectual and socio-psychological barriers to reproduction of knowledge in Turkey.

    A New Academic Opportunity for Meeting in a Social Sphere :  IBA Socio-park: As a new prespective and original application within the scope of ‘Sociopark’, we strive to ensure social/technical cooperation and coordination between the public enterprises (central-local administration), non-governmental organizations and private enterprises related to the process of production, sharing and use of information.With the help of this application which we intend to carry out on a non-governmental scale, we would like to foster an environment where knowledge, background, opportunities and experience are brought together and are made readily available to both public and private persons.
    It is, in this regard, among our top priorities to provide the support needed in the social area for the institutions in question in terms of knowledge, application, research and development, and to make a contribution to the development of a certain application standard. We also assign priority to increasing the competitiveness of the social structure in Turkey in the field of organization, politics and application.
    Accordingly, we aim to conduct studies into such fields as the public enterprises, non-governmental organizations, private enterprises and private persons, produce knowledge relating to the academic and social field, and contribute to development by carrying the knowledge and experience produced into day-to-day life with the help of relevant people and institutions.


    As an approach, The Istanbul Academy of Sciences, attaches great importance to influencing the academic disciplines in the social sciences, traditions and intellectual climates by basing them on the perspective of “human” and “civilization”, “history” and “culture”. It therefore focuses on dealing with the discipline, tradition and intellectual climates with a profound, inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach. Furthermore, it believes in the importance of considering the worlds of meaning and values behind humans, institutions and scientific disciplines.

    IBA, within this framework, adopts an outlook which seeks to contribute to the academic life and world of thought in Turkey around the existing experience in social sciences as well as Turkey’s own history and social fabric, civilization and cultural background, epistemic and intellectual climate.


    The focus areas of activity for IBA shape its road map around its corporate goals and perspective. These consists of four different areas.
    • Education
    • Research and Projects
    • Synergy
    • Publications

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