The Istanbul Academy of Sciences assigns priority to giving young academicians the chance to grasp and question the local and global paradigms of knowledge, disciplinary approaches, and theoretical discussions together with the structures of thought and belief behind them in their historical and social origins. Autumn/Fall and Spring seminars, which will be held within this scope two terms a year, will bring together young researchers and scientific experts in their fields and academicians. Seminars come under the sub-disciplines of social sciences such as sociology, economics, political sciences, history, art and literature, philosophy, law, business, psychology, religious sciences etc.

IBA, which places great importance to the reproduction of knowledge with a profound, complete and original approach, is also making preparations for workshops in different fields. Workshops are being designed as dynamic and organic platforms where the researchers can develop themselves and share their findings with the public.

IBA also intends on holding conferences to provide an environment where the leading scientists and thinkers who have come into prominence as experts in different fields of social sciences and intellectual life can share their experience.

IBA, which believes in the importance of building bridges between different intellectual climates, is at the same time preparing for panel studies in order to produce common/effective analyses of and approaches to common issues.

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